I tend to have these random spurts of motivation; sometimes I think it’s just my bi-polar spectrum shifting. Ha, morbid humor. Anyway. It happens quite often that I say to myself- I’m done! No more missing the gym, I’m gonna start waking up early every morning to enjoy life, I’m done eating processed bs and smoking cigarettes –along with a million other resolutions that I … Continue reading reflecting

Pensamientos in English

I’ve been thinking about age lately. I know I’m only 27 years old, but umm, that’s almost 30! How freaking weird is that?! I sometimes still question whether I could’ve made better choices to have a better current situation, but that doesn’t really get me anywhere except for the realization of wasted time thinking about bullshit that isn’t changeable. I guess that’s part of our … Continue reading Pensamientos in English


I sit here with a million thoughts racing through my head, and yet I struggle with what to say. I don’t know where things changed so drastically for me. I always had a certain way of being. I wasn’t always so quiet or concerned with what others thought. I remember a time where I was genuinely happy. Faded memories, really… Did I really used to laugh that loud? … Continue reading 9/22/15

Thoughts at 4:24 am

Good morning, whoever is awake. I’ve been laying in my bed for about 4 hours now, and I can’t fall asleep. Call it insomnia, call it being irresponsible. Whatever. I still can’t sleep. I really miss my grandma tonight. For those of you wondering, no, she’s not dead. She’s just in this potato-like state where all she can pretty much do is sit there. She’s … Continue reading Thoughts at 4:24 am